The blog!

A1369813-5798-42E5-8598-87B89F67331FHappy New Year!

I love a fresh start: Monday mornings, the first of the month, and brand New Years!

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, how far you’ve come, and to reevaluate your vision for the upcoming days, weeks and year. I’ve been working on self care for most of 2017, and I’m heading in to 2018 with a strong grasp of what it means to fill my own cup. That’s where this blog comes in: a place for me to get creative, share my inner musings, and hopefully inspire a smile or two.

I look forward to pursuing more of my passions, to finding the balance between all of my responsibilities, and having some fun! My brand new year begins on vacation, visiting my family in Scotland. It’s been an eventful trip. I started it with food poisoning, a hospital stay, interrupted flights, another hospital visit for an eye problem, a kid with a sprained ankle, and a round of colds for everyone… but hey! I’m not letting any of it bring me down!

I’m in a fantastic country, spending time with some of my favorite people. I’ve eaten at some wonderful restaurants, found some great local treasures shopping, and watched my children foster their bonds with their cousin, aunt, uncles, nana and papa. It’s been truly wonderful, and I’m incredibly thankful for my blessings.

I wish every one of you, my friends, my family, a year filled with gratitude, laughter, and nourishment for your bellies, your hearts, and your minds.

💗Welcome 2018! 💗