It’s no secret that I love to cook. I love spending time in my kitchen, it’s my happy place! While I have always enjoyed creating and playing in the kitchen, I have been more than a little frustrated with my kitchen’s lack of space and function over the past number of years. (Yah, if you’ve ever been over for a dinner party, you’ve likely heard me lament about my kitchen woes.) We have a fairly small bungalow. It doesn’t have a whole lot of space, but we love our location, and we love lots of other things about our house and property.

My kitchen, I did not love. I can’t even say I liked it. As much as I loved to cook, I would always get annoyed at the lack of counter space, things piling up, spilling over, no space to spread out and cook. That was until we took on this months long project to finally give my happy place a makeover. Trevor pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted, with a slight look of apprehension “just don’t go crazy, okay?”. Deal.

I spent months playing with design software, planning out every possible kitchen configuration to give me maximum workspace workability and flow. We originally considered knocking out a wall to open it up and allow me to keep a better eye on the kids, but an architect consult crushed that dream. Not possible. Back to the drawing board.

I came up with a plan that I felt made much more sense in terms of workspace flow. I wanted the plumbing and electrical re-configured to allow me the desired kitchen work triangle that provides optimum efficiency in the kitchen. I also wanted to change the window configuration, so when we had new windows put in last year, we swapped them out back then. When I say this kitchen project has been months long – I wasn’t kidding!

We originally considered an IKEA kitchen, but because our house is older, and small, we wouldn’t have been able to maximize the space. Also, who has time to assemble an IKEA kitchen?! Not us.

We contacted a carpenter who had done work for us before on a wall unit/fireplace, and we were quite happy with his work. We met and he thought the design was fantastic. He suggested a couple of extra details we could add (like the flip out drawer in front of the sink for scrubber/glove storage).

While we had the cabinets, electrical and plumbing contracted out, I picked out all of the kitchen hardware, the faucet, sink, countertop, flooring and appliances. Trevor did as much as he could as well, as he likes to be involved in any project we undertake. He did all of the demolition and ripping out all the old cabinets. He also did all of the door trim as well as laying the flooring and painting. He worked tirelessly most nights after work and on weekend – I adore him <3.

As for colour scheme, I went with white because I love how bright, clean and open it looks. I chose to keep the walls and backsplash white for the same reasons. I like to add pops of color and change things up with the seasons, so I figure I can do that with fresh fruit, flowers, wall art, etc. I love the mixed metal with the bronze and the stainless steel. I think the oversized appliances and sink give it a bit of an industrial kitchen feel, but not overly so as it is a home kitchen. We took the floor a little darker to tie in with the black of the stove and microwave.

I am beyond ecstatic with my new kitchen! I spend most of my day in there. I LOVE washing dishes now (if you’re considering a new sink, consider a deep wide one – game changer for cookie sheets and roasting pans). Trevor often comments that every time he looks at me in the kitchen I’m smiling. And it’s true! I just love being in there. I catch myself leaning against a counter and smiling at how pleased I am with it all. While we added bigger appliances and more cupboards and counter space, the kitchen actually FEELS bigger. Perhaps that’s because its 264682365082 times more functional now. But, maybe I’m exaggerating 😉

In any case, I am thrilled with our biggest reno project yet. I would be happy to talk about your kitchen reno and toss out some ideas that I came across when designing ours. I would love to hear your thoughts about the new design.



Our Kitchen Upgrade

From this…
to THIS!



A few panoramas to give you an idea of the space:

P.S. Stay tuned. Next week I hope to show you some of my favorite features/upgrades of my new space ❤

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Reveal!

  1. Looks awesome Jenn!! Would love to see the birds eye blueprint or a wider shot so I can visualize how it all fits together! Happy cooking!


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